Oh Deer!

I equally hate and love holiday card making time. Honestly it is so much easier to come up with ideas for generic birthday and just because cards. Holiday cards take some thought and you have to use specific products and I never feel like I have what I need. But I love it because I get the chance to change up what I have been working on for 7ish months of the year.

This weekend I sat down in my craft space and looked at what I had for holiday products (spoiler alert, I have a lot and yet not enough) and created some card designs. I  feel like this year I'm all for a more clean and simple look that has a hint of whimsy. With that in mind I came across two die sets I purchased and I knew exactly what I needed to do.

My eyes first landed on the Flora and Fauna Holiday Accessories die and I zeroed in on the antlers. They are pretty tiny so I knew they wouldn't hold a card on their own. I needed something to go with it, something that would bring my deer to life. That is when I saw the Unicorn Accessory die and the whole thing came into place.

With a little perfect placement, a clean white border and a simple red enamel dot (I added a dab of glue behind the dot for extra sturdiness), I had the perfect, well in my mind, reindeer card for the holidays.

There is no card easier to make than one that only takes two dies and an enamel dot, and I quite love it!

What do you think of my simple and clear deer card?